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Do I have to leave my computer/Steam on?

Nope, you can turn off your computer or Steam Client and your idles will happily carry on idling away.


Will I be VAC banned for not actively playing the game, also known as 'idling'?

The official Valve stance is: "No, you will not be banned for just idling. You may be banned if you use external programs to circumvent idle detection. See VAC FAQ. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7849-Radz-6869"


Do I have to stop my idle before I want to play a game?

Nope, just click play and if it says you're already playing click OK and it will override SteamTimeIdler. Once you have finished playing it'll start back up again by itself.


My Steam hours are not showing on Steam after I've just started idling

Steam can be slow to update sometimes. If you chose to appear online and you can see your account playing a game then your idle is running.


Can I idle and keep it completely hidden from my friends?

Yes! If you click to appear offline when you idle then it will not show up to any of your friends and you can use steam as normal. You could secretly be idling on lots of games at the same time and nobody would even know!


What's the difference between Hours Booster and Card Farmer?

Hours booster allows you to choose specific games that SteamTimeIdler will idle on all at the same time over a long peroid of time. The Card Farmer will rotate from one game to another after it gets a card until it has automatically gone through your whole library and gained every possible free card.


Can I idle on games I do not have installed?



Does this work with two-step verification on my account?

Yes! We support all authentication types from Email to Mobile to Desktop authentication including earlyday low UID accounts.


Can I idle on games I haven't downloaded to my computer? (Including all free games that aren't in my library?)

Yes! You can idle on all those games without needing to download or install anything. Thousands of potential games advanced from your library that you can idle on.


How many games does Steam Time Idler support?

We support every single game in the Steam library. The games list automatically updates every 3 hours for any new games that have been added to the market.


Can I idle with Steam client open on my computer?

Yes, you can use Steam as you always normally would. Once you start a game your idle will pause. It will auto-restart when you have finished gaming.


What is Auto-restarter?

Auto-restarter is a feature that will automatically check your account every 15 minutes and if you're not playing a game then your account will automatically start idling again with your previous idle settings. If you have just played a game on your account or Steam went down, Auto-Restarter will just start your idle back up again automatically. We highly recommend you enable this for 24/7 idling.


Am I allowed to idle on my Steam account?

Yes, Steam allow idling to exist by offering it through their own service. You cannot be banned for idling on your account.


Can I pay with PaySafeCard?

Yes! You now can. To do so, please send the code and your stidler username through the contact form or talk directly with the owner here.


Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

PayPal users do not have this so please use the contact form and I'm sure we'll be able to help you out.


I forgot my password how can I change it?

We don't force an email on registration so, use the contact form.


How many cards can I get per hour

It all depends on how many games you have and how many you are idling on. You can earn a maximum of 3 cards per game. You also have access to hundreds of free games to get cards with. This is not designed for cards, it's designed for idling hours however cards are gained though this. We may design a secondary system that will switch games and get many cards at some point soon. This is more of an added bonus.


Can I talk to someone directly?

If you have purchased a package on your account then you will see a link called "Steam Contact" which is a link to the admin's steam account for direct support and contact.


How does the Steam Card Farmer work?

If you have games with remaining drops which have less than 2 hours of playtime, the app will first mass-idle all of them up to 2 hours. Then it will start switching through them to get card drops. This is because it's now impossible to get card drops before your first 2 hours of gameplay.

It'll automatically switch through all games you have with remaining card drops (it checks every 20 minutes or immediately when a new item is received).


Do you or will you accept bitcoin?

We have already coded the infrastructure around bitcoin payments but there is a waiting list to get this finally setup unfortunately. It will happen though.


I have an idea for an update, who can I talk to?

Let us know in the contact form and we might use it!


How safe is my data?

We take security very seriously. Data is fully encrypted, we use HTTPS connection, have many systems in place to secure and lock down your information.


Use the contact form if you have any other questions!