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steam time idler


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Boost your Steam Game's Hours Played

steam time idler

is a website application that has the power to increase your hours played on your Steam games.

There are no downloads and your idle will continue to run even if you turn off your computer. This is because your idles run on this website and you can control them through your own personal Control Panel from anywhere.

How does it work?

You simply add your Steam account, choose your games and click start idle. The website (Steam Time Idler) then does all the hard work.

The account then sits (idles) on our servers and leaves games open on your account. Over time your hours will increase (You can still use Steam as you normally would).

If you decide you want to play a game then you override Steam Time idler by playing a game and Steam Time Idler will wait until you are finished gaming and start back up again with your previous idle settings without any intervention once you have finished playing. No hassle!

Is it safe?

Your account is completely safe using Steam Time Idler. There are no ban risks of any kind. Here are some example Steam accounts using Steam Time Idler right now:

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45,432,836 hours idled
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